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"The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education."  M.L. King Jr.

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Our school based programs focus on developing core competencies through academic instruction, character education, health & fitness and athletics. Our prevention services promote positive youth development for at risk elementary, middle and high school students.

We teach kids:

• Math instruction and real world math application – » academics
• How to gain confidence, build character and develop essential leadership skills
• Healthy habits to combat obesity
• How to play Tennis, Basketball, Zumba, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Cheer & Dance, Lacrosse, and Hockey.

Checkout our featured programs below:


Ages 6-8

BRAINS FOR TENNIS -In partnership with the BRIDGES Collaborative, Hillsborough County Tennis Association, BAYS and the Children’s Board of Hillsborough County, The Skills Center operates a year around out of school time program at The City of Tampa’s MLK Jr. Complex, teaching 1st – 5th graders math and character development through the game of tennis.
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Ages 11-14

BRAINS FOR ATHLETICS -This is an all boys mentoring program at Van Buren Middle School supported by the Conn Memorial Foundation, BAYS and Up2Us. Using sports to increase math aptitude, improve social and leadership skills, build positive relationships, and promote fitness.

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BRAINS FOR ATHLETICS  at Van Buren Middle School


Ages 15-18



GOT SKILLS! LEADERSHIP ACADEMY - Our Got Skills! program helps students understand leadership concepts and develop leadership skills placing a special emphasis on laying a foundation for leadership qualities.  Students will gain confidence, build character and develop essential leadership skills.


OTHER SCHOOL-BASED PROGRAMS -The Skills Center offers two additional services to public, private and charter schools:  Character based Sports Training and Got Skills! Leadership Series. For more information contact Celeste at


Game Plan Academic Coaching (GPAC)
Game Plan Academic Coaching (GPAC) introduces the GPAC Math Workout, a specifically tailored educational experience that combines mathematics into the Skills Center’s Sports PLUS Model.  The GPAC Math Workout provides researched out of school time math curriculum that is engaging, rigorous and relevant.

GPAC utilizes its Academic Practice Schedule, a structured regimen of different curriculum components including:

• Mathematical Mental Calisthenics -A continuous, consistent review of core mathematical concepts at the beginning and ending of each session.
• Directed Instruction -Academic instruction developed to concentrate on remedial topics based on Common Core State Standards utilizing best practices including mathematical instruction from state certified math teacher.
• Work on Weakness Time - Group tailored assignments based on skill weaknesses identified by the diagnostic pretest and other ongoing assessments.  

Everyone is capable of learning and the GPAC Math Workout format encourages participation and enhances student confidence.  We address two additional critical achievement factors:

• Math Anxiety - an emotional reaction to mathematics based on a previous unpleasant experience which harms future learning
• Math Attitude - combined beliefs regarding mathematics and the subsequent behaviors related to those beliefs

It is our intent to reduce the level of math anxiety and promote a positive attitude during the students’ experience.


“Character education is the intentional, proactive effort to instill in students important core, ethical values.  It fosters ethical, responsible, and caring young people by modeling and teaching good character through emphasis on universal values that we all share. Character Education provides long-term solutions that address moral, ethical, and academic issues that are of growing concern about our society.”

Character Education Partnership

Using sports as a powerful learning tool, The Skills Center teaches youth how to transfer the skills learned naturally through sports to other areas in their lives such as school, work and community. The organization helps youth develop leadership attributes such as character, responsibility, respect, integrity, teamwork, conflict resolution, decision making and work ethics.


The Skills Center’s programs are built around the Sport PLUS (Positive Learning Using Sports) Model. Sports PLUS integrates theories of human development, educational psychology and a number of principles from experimental education. Delivered over the past 15 years, this model is designed to actively utilize the natural life lessons that so consistently occur in sports from developing and reinforcing good character values to understanding group processing skills. The Sports PLUS model offers proven and effective structure, focus, and sound teaching methods.


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Afterschool Programs

MLK Jr Complex - Van Buren Middle - Springhill Park Community Center

School Day Programs

Liberty Middle School
Jennings Middle School
Hillsborough High School
Freedom High School
Newsome High School
ACT 301 Alternative School

Summer Programs

Eisenhower Middle School
Burns Middle School
Burnett Middle School
Smith Middle School
Farnell Middle School
Liberty Middle School
Marshall Middle School
Progress Village Middle School
McLane Middle School
Sligh Middle School
Walker Magnet Middle School

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